5 Pomegranate Benefits For Females 2024: What Are They?

pomegranate benefits for female
Pomegranate provides many health benefits, especially for females. Photo: Team Design

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For centuries, pomegranates have been a delicious food enjoyed all over the world. Native to parts of Asia and the Middle East, pomegranates are now cultivated in several areas of the world. 

Over the past decade, the pomegranate has drawn attention in the health and wellness world. Research indicates multiple health benefits from consuming them regularly stemming from their nutritional value and bioactive components.[1]

All plants contain phytochemicals, which are naturally occurring bioactive compounds supplying a myriad of perks for human health. Pomegranates are an ample source of polyphenols, which provide antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that may decrease chronic disease risks.[2]

There seem to be male health[3] bonuses from consuming pomegranate, but what about pomegranate benefits for females? Experts report several benefits for women due to this healthy fruit’s phytochemicals. Let’s search further into the science behind pomegranate benefits for women. 

Benefits Of Pomegranate For Women

Pomegranate health benefits for women includes:

  • Supporting fertility.
  • Boosting sex drive.
  • Supporting peri- and postmenopausal symptoms.
  • Supporting polycystic ovarian syndrome symptoms.
  • Providing relief for urinary tract infections.

Pomegranate Benefits For Females

benefits of pomegranate for females
Pomegranate provides essential nutrients and health benefits for women. Photo: freepik/freepik

Eating fruit regularly is a nutritious choice for everyone, especially those maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Many people in Western cultures do not eat enough fruit,[4] and as a result, they do not get the recommended amount of fiber and other nutrients. 

Additionally, fruit contains biological compounds that aid your body’s protective mechanisms against harmful diseases. Pomegranate fruit is a rich source of vitamin C and phytochemical compounds such as tannins, flavonols, anthocyanins, and phenolic and organic acids.[5] These compounds are associated with numerous health benefits against diseases. 

Whether a hormone imbalance or sexual dysfunction, finding treatments to improve women’s health adds to quality of life. Let’s highlight five benefits of pomegranate for female health from scientific research. 

Supports Fertility

Scientists are working toward solutions for fertility problems through many avenues including studying plant components. Pomegranate seeds contain bioactive chemicals such as phytoestrogens,[6] which improve female animals’ reproductive health in studies. Pomegranate extracts demonstrate increased blood flow to the uterine wall lining improving egg implantation[6] conditions.

Boosts Sex Drive

Sexual satisfaction affects the quality of life and a decrease in your sex drive can hamper your happiness. Some may want to try natural remedies or supplements to boost your libido. A gel created from pomegranate[6] peel is associated with improving the sexual satisfaction of women after using it. 

Research suggests that improved sex drive in women is likely due to reduced inflammation and infectious symptoms[6] in the vaginal canal. These effects may promote better tolerance of sexual encounters and you can enjoy the benefits of sex once again.

Support For Peri- And Postmenopausal Symptoms

Women dealing with perimenopause and postmenopause ride a roller coaster of symptoms ranging from hot flashes to mood swings, irregular periods, and others. A recent systematic review and meta-analysis of pomegranate and menopausal symptoms indicated it has a significant effect on hot flashes.[7]

Some small clinical trials on the health benefits of pomegranate indicated possible relief of heavy menstrual bleeding.[3] 

Support For Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Polycystic ovarian syndrome, or PCOS, is a common but complex syndrome affecting women’s reproductive, endocrine, and metabolic health. A study involving PCOS patients and pomegranate juice plus probiotic strains of bacteria[8] demonstrated improved insulin sensitivity associated with endocrine system health and metabolic syndromes like PCOS.

Several PCOS symptoms[9] are associated with higher-than-normal levels of testosterone. A randomized controlled trial with PCOS patients who consumed concentrated pomegranate juice for eight weeks resulted in improved testosterone levels.[10] Therefore, pomegranates may help with managing the hormone levels of those with PCOS.

May Help Urinary Health

Some women are more prone to urinary tract infections, or UTIs than others. The antimicrobial, antioxidant, and antibacterial properties that pomegranate provides show promise in the treatment or prevention of UTIs.[11]   

Other Health Benefits Of Pomegranates

Evidence indicates pomegranate phytochemicals and antioxidant properties provide anti-inflammatory effects that support healthy body functions. Some of the many health benefits include:

How To Maximize The Benefits Of Pomegranate For Females?

pomegranate benefits for female
Drinking pomegranate juice is an effective way to gain benefits. Photo: KamranAydinov/freepik

Pomegranate can be eaten whole or juiced, both of which provide ample health benefits. The juice is squeezed from the pomegranate’s red pulp and seeds,[1] which contain potent antioxidant properties. The juicing process may boost the amount of nutrition extracted from the same amount of pomegranate fruit.

Another option to gain pomegranate perks besides juices is through nutritional supplements. Pomegranate supplements are reportedly an efficient method to attain concentrated pomegranate benefits for women with heart disease.[5] 

A benefit of supplement usage is not consuming sugar as with drinking juice. This would only be in cases where you may have a condition where too much sugar is not recommended. An eight-ounce glass of 100%[13] pomegranate juice contains approximately 29 grams of sugar and 122 calories. 

Regarding supplements, essential nutrients are important for optimal health. Dietary supplements are a helpful option to ensure you are getting adequate nutrients if you do not eat enough fruit and vegetables regularly. 

Scientists are still researching the most bioavailable ways to consume pomegranate. However, adding it to foods like yogurt, cereals, and breads[5] is being considered to enhance nutritional value.

Potential Risks And Precautions

Pomegranate supplies overall health benefits through powerful antioxidants, but are there any health risks or precautions? No adverse reactions or toxicity[2] was noted in human or animal trials. A study involving rats and an anticonvulsant drug[2] did result in a lessening effect of that medication, however, in human trials, this response did not occur.

Pomegranate is regarded as generally safe[5] since it is a food, but further research is required to determine its medical usage. 


Pomegranate provides many potential health benefits based on scientific studies. The fruit contains significant phytochemicals associated with having antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, neuroprotective, and heart health-promoting qualities. Consuming pomegranate juice may contribute to a heart-healthy diet and provide potential brain health benefits.

Female-specific benefits from pomegranate seeds, fruit, or juice are evident in studies. Advantages for women include support for menstrual symptoms and menopausal conditions. Sexual and fertility issues may also gain benefits from pomegranate components as noted in several studies. 

The potential health benefits of pomegranates are too many to ignore. So eat a pomegranate, drink pomegranate fruit juice, or make a smoothie regularly to gain its advantages to improve your health.   

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better to eat pomegranate or drink the juice? 

Pomegranate juice or eating the fruit are options to gain its health benefits. However, juicing may provide more nutritional benefits for the same amount of fruit.

Does pomegranate increase estrogen?

Pomegranate contains phytochemicals, one of which is a phytoestrogen which can increase estrogen levels.

How many pomegranates should we eat in a day?

Eating pomegranate fruit regularly may provide exceptional health benefits due to its antioxidant properties and vitamins.

Is it OK to eat a whole pomegranate in one sitting?

Yes, you can eat a whole pomegranate in one sitting due to its low-calorie content. If you are eating a pomegranate for the first time, know that the main edible parts are the fruit pulp and seeds.

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