Advertising Disclaimer

Ehproject’s mission is to bring you reliable health information to help you and your family lead a healthy life. Therefore, the content on EHproject is created with strict vetting processes from our editors and the medical professionals who work with us. EHprojectmay cooperate with companies and businesses that are interested in distributing their own product. For this, we have created several guidelines to ensure the neutrality of our contributions and information. It is crucial to note that we distinguish between editorial content and advertising. If a contribution is sponsored, we state this transparently.

1. We decide which ads to appear

EHproject reserves the right to refuse, cancel or delete advertisements at any time for any reason. We also reserve the right to decide on the placement of advertisements on the website. We will not accept advertisements that contain deceptive, misleading, and inflammatory elements. Ads that attack individuals or groups based on age, color, national origin, race, sex, and disability will not appear on EHproject. Ads must not be related to alcohol, weapons, gambling, pornography, tobacco, and politics. All ads must show the advertiser’s information. All promotional content that could be confused with editorial content will be labeled as advertising.

2. We do not endorse any advertised products or services

We disclaim any responsibility for the accuracy, content, or availability of information found in advertisements displayed on EHproject. And we do not guarantee the quality of products/services purchased by users from third-party sites, as these sites are owned and operated by others. We do not endorse products/services or claims coming from third-party/manufacturer websites. Ads are displayed automatically and there is no relation between the EHproject and the advertised content.

3. We make a clear distinction between ads content and editorial content

In all cases, we make a clear distinction between promotional content and editorial content. All advertising content will be marked “advertising” transparently and clearly by us. Clicking on an advertisement will take the user to an advertising page operated by third parties and we disclaim all liability as set out in section 2.

4. We work independently of manufacturers

EHproject seeks cooperation and sponsorship opportunities from reputable manufacturers and service providers. This provides financial benefits to MIDSS as well as its users by providing up-to-date health content. However, the products and services that appear on EHproject are independently reviewed by our editorial team and health professionals and are not subject to any influence from our partners. We have review guidelines in place to ensure that the content on EHproject is transparent and provides true value to our readers.

5. Affiliate Program

At EHproject, we always aim to bring users a lot of practical value. Our editors will include links to products they think will help users. While the products are selected independently, we want you to know that if you make a purchase through a link on our website, we may receive a small commission from our partners.