Susan Adeosun, MD & Public Health Enthusiast

Medical Doctor

General Information

Dr. Susan Adeosun (MPH, MD) is a medical doctor and public health enthusiast.

She has over five years’ worth of experience in public health and preventive medicine and is a firm believer in the famous phrase by Dutch philosopher Desiderius Erasmus, “prevention is better than cure.” Her journey through public health, combined with her love for writing, has resulted in the publication of several health articles on various blogs, websites, and peer review journals.

When she is not advocating for better health education, she spends her time reading, cooking, and hanging out with friends.


  • Self-Employed

    Health Coach | Content Writer | Content Editor

    2018 – Present

  • Medical Doctor

    Oasis Medical Centre

    2021 – Present

  • Chief Editor

    Schmeler Group

    2020 – 2021

  • Medical Doctor

    Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital

    2018 – 2019

  • Copywriter

    Flux Advertising

    2014 – 2016


  • Coventry University

    Master of Public Health (MPH)

    2019 – 2020

  • Obafemi Awolowo University

    Doctor of Medicine (M.D.)

    20012 – 2018

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