How To Lose Breast Fat: 6 Tips For Reducing Breast Size In 2024

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Reviewed by Kathy Shattler, MS, RDN
how to lose breast fat
You can lose breast fat naturally in six ways. Photo: Prostock-studio/Shutterstock

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Large breasts[1] can contribute to many health issues, including neck and back pain. If you’re wondering how to reduce breast size naturally, you’re in the right place. There are natural remedies that can support breast reduction without a surgical procedure. Drinking green tea and eating healthy foods can reduce body fat and chest size. 

Additionally, exercising, reducing calorie intake, weight training, and reducing estrogen levels can affect breast size.

Apart from natural methods to reduce breast size, you can also consider breast reduction surgery. However, consult a certified plastic surgeon and understand the side effects of such an invasive surgery. Read on and learn how to reduce breast size naturally. 

How To Reduce Breast Size Naturally

  • Eat a healthy diet.
  • Drink green tea.
  • Exercise to burn calories.
  • Reduce calorie intake.
  • Do weight training.
  • Reduce estrogen levels

6 Natural Methods To Reduce Breast Size

Having large breasts can be a source of discomfort as you go about your day. Gladly, there are natural methods that are effective in reducing breast size. Below are six methods for how to make your boobs smaller naturally:

Eat A Healthy Diet

If you’re wondering how to lose breast fat without needing breast reduction surgery, start with your meals. Take stock of what you eat[2] each day and how that can lead to having large breasts.

Breasts are made up of fat or adipose tissue and vary in size. Women with very large breasts have excess fat that accumulates over time. Eating a healthy diet is one of the best natural methods to reduce breast size.

After changing your meals, you start to lose fat,[3] and that’s one way to reduce breast size. A balanced diet can come in handy, containing complex carbs, protein, vegetables, healthy fats, and fruits. Work on eating low-calorie foods that are also nutrient-dense and good for your health.

Good food[4] makes you feel fuller, so you won’t need to eat more to satisfy your hunger. Breast reduction by eating healthy can take time, but it’s a good way to pause weight gain. Not only do your breasts get smaller, but you also reduce overall body fat.

Drink Green Tea

how to lose breast fat
Drinking green tea can boost breast fat loss. Photo: Deenida/Shutterstock

Finding ways to reduce body fat can help reduce breast size naturally. Another natural method to boost fat loss is drinking green tea.

Scientific evidence[5] shows that drinking green tea can help you lose weight through its effects on leptin, the hormone related to appetite. It’s one of the safest natural methods to burn fat and become leaner. 

Green tea boosts your metabolism thanks to the bioactive substances such as caffeine. A cup of green tea[6] contains caffeine and polyphenols like catechins. It has a mild effect and can help you shed pounds faster.

Another benefit of green tea is that it is rich in antioxidants that benefit the body. Green tea contains the epigallocatechin gallate compound that offers anti-inflammatory effects.[7] Since breast tissue can be sensitive to inflammation, large breasts can get smaller as inflammation decreases. Lastly, green tea is good for your metabolism as you learn to lose breast weight quickly. Drinking a cup of green tea while resting can improve your metabolic rate.[8] That way, you burn more calories even when it’s time to rest.

Exercise To Burn Calories

Another way to master how to lose weight in boobs is to get active. It requires effort to lose body fat, including chest fat, and decrease breast size. So, it may be beneficial to take up workout routines to change your body composition.

Indulging in cardio exercise[9] is a good place to start to deter overall weight gain. Many women with large breasts don’t need plastic surgery. Instead, get active to make large breasts smaller.

Focus on cardio exercise or high-intensity interval training to eliminate breast fat. Many exercises can help target the problem areas and get you good results. Plus, exercise[10] helps you alter body composition so you look leaner.

Apart from high-intensity interval training, you can get outside and take up fast walking, jogging, or running. Other excellent ways to burn fat are swimming and using a fat-burning supplement under your doctor’s guidance.

According to the CDC’s Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans,[11] every adult requires at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity weekly. That may sound like a lot of time, but the benefits are tremendous, including losing breast fat. They also suggest adding two days of strength training to improve body strength. 

Reduce Calorie Intake

how to lose breast fat
Reduce calorie intake to boost fat loss. Photo: Roman Chazov/Shutterstock

Eating healthy to lose weight works better when you reduce calorie intake to boost fat loss. When you eat more food, it requires more effort to complete your weight loss journey. However, eating fewer calories can help you lose breast fat fast.

Take stock of what you eat daily, and note the portion and frequency. Perhaps consider reducing portion sizes to help reduce the fatty tissue in your breasts. Smaller portions of healthy foods keep you fuller longer as you work to burn excess fat.

Another trick to reducing calorie intake is to include more vegetables. Stick to a low-calorie, protein-rich diet with lean meats, complex carbs, and more non-starchy vegetables. If appropriate, under your doctor’s or registered dietitian’s guidance, you can try a low-carb diet to boost fat loss.

Reducing calorie intake is a good way to reduce the size of your breasts, but ensure you don’t starve yourself. Instead, stick to a balanced diet for good health and well-being.

Do Weight Training

Strength training[12] is an effective way to get in shape and reduce body fat percentage. While cardio exercise is an excellent option to burn subcutaneous fat, doing weight training can also help reduce chest fat. Add a strength training routine when mastering how to lose breast weight fast.

Hitting the gym for weight training can be a good addition to a workout routine. The result is building lean muscle mass[13] and enjoying a slimmer look.

The good news is cardio and strength training go hand in hand to help you reduce your mammary glands. You can start with strength training and finish your workout routine with cardio.

Try adding pushups to your training to work out the chest area. Pushups target the chest muscles and can help reduce breast size naturally.

Reduce Estrogen Levels

Estrogen is an integral part of breast tissue. It enables breast tissue development as you grow. However, too much estrogen can lead to big breasts.

If you want smaller breasts, it’s best to address your estrogen levels.[14] People taking contraceptives that contain estrogen and progesterone are more prone to large breasts.[15]

Ask your doctor how your birth control may be affecting your estrogen levels and body weight. In addition, find foods that reduce estrogen levels naturally.

For example, there’s scientific evidence[16] that flax seeds can regulate estrogen production in the body. Other benefits of flax seeds include heart health and anti-inflammatory properties. Apart from natural methods, your doctor may recommend estrogen-reducing medication. 

Factors That Impact Breast Size

Breast size can change during different times of your life as a result of various factors.  Boobs tend to change size throughout your life and affect your cup size. Below are factors that impact breast size worth noting:


Frankly, genetics[17] play a huge role when it comes to breast size, similar to how your family history determines your eye color, hair, and height. The same applies when it comes to breast size.

Family genes may be an indicator of breast size. However, it’s important to remember that breast size can change in your lifetime.

Menstrual Cycle

Every woman who gets a period can also notice a change in breast size during each cycle. Breast size, shape, and texture change as the body produces more estrogen during the first half of your cycle.

The role of estrogen is to bring about ovulation in a woman’s body. At the same time, this hormone[18] stimulates the milk ducts in your breasts. During the second half of your cycle, progesterone leads to breast swelling and soreness.

That’s why you may experience bigger boobs when on your period.

Weight Gain

A change in your overall weight can lead to large breasts. The natural remedies to reduce breast size are to lose weight by eating a nutritious diet and getting active. Having more fat[19] in your breasts causes them to grow big and can lead to shoulder pain.

Birth Control

Having larger breasts[20] and experiencing back and neck pain can be a result of your birth control. Taking birth control is a good way to prevent unwanted pregnancies. However, birth control also affects your breast size.

Hormonal birth control methods can impact a woman’s breast size. Pills, hormonal intrauterine devices, and injections contain both progesterone and estrogen, leading to water retention. The condition doesn’t last and is more noticeable when you begin using birth control. 

Still, do not make changes to your birth control medications without discussing them with your doctor first. 


Age[21] can impact the size and density of your breasts. Many women notice breast size changes as they get older and experience hormonal changes. It’s possible to fluctuate between breast sizes at different stages of your life. 

Breast Reduction Surgery – Is It Safe?

A breast reduction procedure[22] can work to help you reduce big breasts. It involves invasive surgery that cuts into your skin to reduce breast size. Breast reduction is a type of plastic surgery that can decrease the weight and size of your breasts.

Apart from reducing the size of your breasts, a breast reduction procedure can also lift them. Women consider breast reduction surgery when all other ways fail to decrease breast size. The breast reduction procedure helps bring comfort and ease.

Big breasts can be a source of discomfort when you experience chest and neck pain. Women may also experience back pain that can affect productivity. Getting a breast reduction procedure to get smaller breasts[23] can help alleviate such pain.

However, it’s worth noting that breast reduction surgery is an invasive procedure. It’s better to visit a plastic surgeon and get an assessment before you decide. After the surgery, you must take time for breast reduction surgery recovery.

Surgery is risky, and there are side effects[24] to consider. Being put under anesthesia can lead to dry mouth, sore throat, and nausea. It’s best to consult with a qualified surgeon. 


Large breasts can cause discomfort and pain, causing many women to search for ways to reduce their breast size. Many women prefer finding natural remedies to make big breasts small. In the article above, you’ve learned six methods to lose breast fat naturally.

Weight loss and eating the right foods are integral to breast size reduction. In addition, eat in a calorie deficit, drink green tea, and do resistance training. The option of breast reduction surgery is typically a last resort after consulting with a healthcare provider. It’s worth noting this is an invasive surgery, and there are side effects. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you reduce breast size naturally?

You can naturally reduce breast size and enjoy better body composition. Start to eat healthy, get active, and reduce calorie intake. In addition, you can drink green tea and do weight training.

Can breast size be reduced by exercise?

Yes, breast size can be reduced by exercise. Cardio exercise is a great option to burn fat and improve body composition. So, get active if you want to have smaller breasts.

What’s involved in breast reduction surgery?

A plastic surgeon will draw the incision pattern on the breasts before a breast reduction surgery. That illustrates the incisions to make to change nipple positions, reduce breast size, and do a lift as per the patient’s desires.

Does wearing a bra affect breast shape?

No, wearing a bra won’t affect breast shape biologically. However, it’s a good option when you have large breasts to wear a supportive bra. It offers support and can alleviate issues such as back pain.

What foods make breasts smaller?

The best foods for smaller breasts are protein, vegetables, and fruits. Focus on a low-calorie diet to reduce calorie intake and fat storage in the body.

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