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General StatisticsHelp
The Visits graph displays the overall number of visits to your Web site. The General Statistics table provides an overview of the activity for your Web site during the specified time frame.
General StatisticsHitsEntire Site (Successful)22,384Average Per Day746Home Page631Page ViewsPage Views (Impressions)4,179Average Per Day139Document Views4,159VisitsVisits2,438Average Per Day81Average Visit Length00:11:51Median Visit Length00:03:20International Visits0%Visits of Unknown Origin100%Visits from United States0%VisitorsUnique Visitors1,495Visitors Who Visited Once1,162Visitors Who Visited More Than Once333
General Statistics – Help CardAverage Hits Per Day – Number of successful hits divided by the total number of days in the log.

Average Page Views Per Day – Number of page views divided by the total number of days in the log.

Average Visits Per Day – Number of visits divided by the total number of days in the log.

Average Visit Length – Average of non-zero length visits in the log.

Hit – A single action on the Web server as it appears in the log file. A visitor downloading a single file is logged as a single hit, while a visitor requesting a Web page including two images registers as three hits on the server; one hit is the request for the .html page, and two additional hits are requests for the downloaded image files. While the volume of hits is an indicator of Web server traffic, it is not an accurate reflection of how many pages are being looked at.

Hits: Entire Site (Successful) – Number of hits that had a “success” status code.

International Visits – Percentage of visitors defined as “international” in Domain Options.

Home Page Hits – Number of times your home page was visited.

Median Visit Length – Median of non-zero length visits in the log. Half the visit lengths are longer than the median, and half are shorter. This number is often closer to the “typical” visit length than the average visit length. Numbers that are wildly atypical can skew the average, but will not skew the median so much.

Page – Any document, dynamic page, or form. Documents are user-defined in Options, but typically include all static content, such as complete html pages. Dynamic pages are created with variables and do not exist anywhere in a static form. Forms are scripted pages which get information from a visitor and pass it back to the server.

Page Views – Hits to files designated as pages. Supporting graphics and other non-page files are not counted.

Page Views: Document Views – Hits to pages that are defined as documents. This entry excludes hits to dynamic pages and forms.

Unique Visitors– Individuals who visited your site during the report period. If someone visits more than once, they are counted only the first time they visit.

Visits – Number of times a visitor came to your site. If a visitor is idle longer than the idle-time limit, WebTrends assumes the visit was voluntarily terminated. If the visitor continues to browse your site after they reach the idle-time limit, a new visit is counted. The default idle-time limit is thirty minutes.

Visits from the United States – Percentage of visitors from the United States.

Visits of Unknown Origin – Percentage of visitors from an origin that could not be determined.

Visitors Who Visited More Than Once – Number of individual visitors who appear more than once in the log file. Individuals can be tracked by IP addresses, domain names, and cookies. Cookies provide the most accurate count.

Visitors Who Visited Once – Number of individual visitors who appear only once in the log file. Individuals can be tracked by IP addresses, domain names, and cookies. Cookies provide the most accurate count.

The General Statistics page provides an overview of your Web site’s performance and visitor behavior and can help you determine which chapters will be most valuable to you.

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Tnhealth has strict sourcing guidelines and relies on peer-reviewed studies, academic research institutions, and medical associations. We work mostly with peer-reviewed studies to ensure accurate information. We avoid using tertiary references. You can learn more about how we ensure our content is accurate and current by reading our editorial policy.


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