TriTrim Reviews 2023: Is This Supplement Actually Effective?

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tritrim reviews
TriTrim reviews help you to understand more about the supplement. Photo: Team Design

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A comprehensive approach to weight loss involves exercise, diet, and lifestyle adjustments. Dr Gundry’s weight loss supplements aim to contribute to this holistic strategy through supplementation.

This supplement presents as an advanced 3-in-1 formula. It targets weight gained from carbohydrates, sugar, and fat, to assist in achieving a slimmer figure.

Dr. Gundry’s weight loss journey, where he reportedly lost 70 pounds in a year, influenced his focus. After stepping away from the operating table, he founded medical institutes, earning the moniker “No More Mr. Knife Guy.”

The following are TriTrim reviews, considering ingredients, pros, cons, and potential health benefits.



  • Science-backed ingredients.
  •  Soy, sugar, and dairy-free.
  • Supports fat-burning.
  • Contains proprietary blends.
  • Expensive.

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TriTrim Reviews

TriTrim reviews highlight several aspects that make this brand what it is today.

First, reviews shed light on a supplement’s ingredient list. This approach is typically on a comparison basis. Here, we refer to an ingredient, the brand claims behind it, and the supporting scientific evidence, such as double-blind trials.

Then, we figure out if the product will aid water weight loss, aid belly fat loss, or any other way. Additional information, like the ingredient dosages and side effects, is also part of this review section.

Secondly, these TriTrim reviews offer tangible evidence of the weight loss supplement working in real life. This is through honest and valid customer TriTrim comments. Here, the evidence from reports and systematic reviews is tested in the real world, and the results offer confirmation.

While you should believe most of what you read, take it with a grain of salt because people’s experiences vary — also, some reviewers are paid only to write positive remarks about the brand. To fully understand what matters, refer to several sources for accurate data.

Besides that, here is the breakdown of Dr Gundry’s TriTrim reviews based on quality, reputation, and price.


Under quality, we use the ingredient list’s safety and effectiveness.


TriTrim is a renowned weight loss supplement that offers safe usage by eliminating potential allergens. The supplement ensures a clean and pure composition by emphasizing a lectin-free, sugar-free, soy-free, dairy-free, and artificial sweetener-free formula.

One answer on the TriTrim homepage’s FAQ section highlighted that the company uses third-party testing. The brand said they test for quality from an independent 3rd party laboratory. This further validates its purity, assuring consumers of a product free from contaminants.


The effectiveness of a supplement reflects that a formula works based on the claims the brand makes.

TriTrim’s advanced formula claims to work seamlessly with your regular diet, eliminating the need for restrictive fad diets. TriTrim makers suggest that the formula reduces carb, fat, and sugar absorption during digestion, consequently limiting lipid accumulation and storage.

This proactive approach may promote effective weight management without drastic dietary changes. To substantiate effectiveness, the brand offers a 12-week study as proof. However, the downside is that they do not offer a reference to the study. They claim the study involved 21 users aged 35-70 who took the supplement twice daily with meals.

The results they presented on the website are: 86% reported better overall digestion, 81% felt slimmer, and 81% experienced reduced food cravings.

TriTrim Ingredients Analysis

Here is all the information on the three proprietary blends TriTrim contains:

Sugar Suppress

tritrim reviews
TriTrim Ingredients

The TriTrim’s Sugar Suppress Formula claims to tackle cravings and promote effective weight management. This innovative formula incorporates key ingredients such as zinc, selenium, chromium, cinnamon bark, berberine HCL, turmeric root extract, and black pepper fruit extract to deliver impressive results.

Ingredients for Glycemic Control

  • Zinc supplementation may aid weight loss by reducing body weight, body mass index, and appetite. For sugar suppression, it also reduces insulin resistance,[1] which ensures your body breaks down glucose to energy. It works best when you pair it with a calorie-restrictive diet. TriTrim contains 15 mg of zinc per dose, which surpasses the daily threshold of 11 mg.[2] The side effects of taking excess zinc[3] at 30 mg daily may cause gut issues like nausea, vomiting, and nausea; and immunity toxicity.
  • Selenium studies highlight that it reduces insulin resistance,[4] especially in patients with cardiometabolic diseases. Having such conditions may put you at a higher risk of becoming obese. So, TriTrim’s selenium betters your glucose and lipid metabolism.

However, according to the FDA, studies suggest you stick to the recommended dose of 55 mcg for adults.[5] Going beyond this heightens your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.[6] There is cause for concern because one dosage in TriTrim is 35 micrograms, and a double goes up to 70 micrograms.

  • Chromium enhances insulin sensitivity[7] where the body has normal insulin response and functions of improving lipid metabolism. This is crucial in managing blood sugar levels, helping control carb cravings, and preventing excessive sugar absorption. At 100 micrograms, the dosage seems too high compared to the recommended adequate intake of 25-35 micrograms.[8]

A 1500 mcg/kg and 3300 mcg/kg may cause damage to the blood, liver, and kidney.[9] Because of this, TriTrim’s daily total dosage of 200 mcg may be safe.

In one study, consuming 5 grams of cinnamon may improve insulin sensitivity.[10] An improved insulin sensitivity helps the body better regulate blood sugar; hence, it’s possible to suppress sugar cravings. The total dosage might be lower to make any drastic changes.

  • Berberine HCL increases insulin secretion[11] and reduces insulin resistance.
  • Turmeric root extract offers anti-inflammatory properties that influence inflammatory biomarkers and improve insulin sensitivity and lipid metabolism.[12]
  • Black pepper fruit extract enhances the bioavailability[13] of the entire formula. By including this ingredient, TriTrim ensures that your body can absorb and utilize the other components effectively. This maximizes the benefits of each element.

Carb Defense

To lose weight, your body has to be in a calorie deficit. You can achieve this by reducing carb and calorie intake and limiting carb absorption in the gut. The TriTrim Carb Defense formula might be how you can get there.

The two ingredients that make that possible are glucomannan and an extract of white kidney beans. Here is how they aid Carb Defense.

  • Glucomannan is a natural, water-soluble fiber. This ingredient is common in most weight loss supplements because of its satiating[14] effect. Once you ingest it, it soaks in water and becomes a gel. This gel makes you feel full and slows down carbohydrate absorption.[15]
  • Phase 2 Carb Controller is the white kidney bean extract. This extract contains elements that inhibit the enzyme that breaks down carbohydrates[16] in the digestive tract. Through this mechanism, the Phase 2 Carb Controller helps prevent the absorption of a portion of ingested carbs. This supports a lower calorie and energy intake and assists in weight management.

Fat Blocker

If you limit the amount of fat the body absorbs, you inevitably reduce excess fat accumulation and storage. The Fat Blocker formula contains two ingredients: Sensoril Ashwagandha and Cissus quadrangularis extract.

  • Ashwagandha, a powerful adaptogenic herb, plays a vital role in the Fat Blocker formula. Firstly, it decreases weight gain and lipid accumulation in the liver.[17] As a stress-relieving component, it can be used for weight management for obese adults with chronic stress.[18]
  • Clinical studies support that 300 grams of Cissus quadrangularis stem and leaf extract daily may reduce body fat.[19] Since the makers recommend taking two dosages of 150 grams, the daily TriTrim dosage proves effective for weight loss.

Support Research

Sugar SuppressionConcrete Evidence
Carb DefenseConcrete Evidence
Fat BlockerConcrete Evidence

Sugar Suppression

The sugar-balancing compounds that support this are zinc, selenium, chromium, cinnamon bark, berberine HCL, turmeric root extract, and black pepper fruit extract. Zinc,[20] selenium,[21]  chromium,[22] cinnamon bark,[23] Berberine HCL,[24] and turmeric[12] all reduce insulin resistance. Black pepper improves all the other ingredients’ bioavailability.

Carb Defense

The ingredients that aid this benefit are glucomannan and an extract of white kidney beans. Glucomannan slows the absorption of carbohydrates,[15] and white kidney bean extract inhibits[25] the enzyme’s function that breaks down carbohydrates.

Fat Blocker

For fat blocking, TriTrims contains Ashwagandha and Cissus quadrangularis extract. Ashwagandha may help reduce body fat[18] in chronically stressed obese adults. Cissus quadrangularis extract may reduce body weight and fat.[26]


Dr Gundry products for weight loss have quite a stellar reputation in the best weight loss supplement market. Positive reviews and testimonials back their products.

Because the holistic approach to weight management uses formulations supported by science, most consumers find it appealing. Its affiliation with reputable health industry leaders like its founder, Dr. Gundry, strengthens its reputation.

TriTrim is acknowledged for its dedication to efficacy, safety, and quality, which helps to foster a favorable impression among customers looking for reliable weight reduction products.


TriTrim offers flexible pricing options to cater to varying needs. Here is the breakdown of the pricing structures:

  • A single box priced at $240.00 provides a one-month supply. Members enjoy a significant discount, paying only $119.95 per box.
  • The 3-box package is $645.00, and the member price is $329.85.
  • The 6-box package is priced at $1,230.00 or a member price of $599.70.

When we compare these prices to competitor brands, Dr Gundry TriTrim is quite expensive. However, due to the available science of each ingredient, it is a worthy investment. If you are not satisfied after spending all that money, you may take advantage of the 90-day money-back guarantee.

Alternatives To TriTrim


  • It’s a day and night-weight loss formula.
  • Vegan-friendly.
  • Suppress appetite.
  • Only available on the brand’s website.


  • Women-centric weight loss supplement.
  • Suppresses appetite.
  • All-natural formula.
  • Formula contains allergens.


  • All-natural ingredients.
  • Suppresses appetite.
  • May increase metabolism.
  • May cause nausea.

Health Benefits Of Using TriTrim

Here are all the health benefits of TriTrim:

  • Safe and science-backed formula: Its lectin-free, sugar-free, soy-free, dairy-free, and artificial sweetener-free formula promotes safe and effective weight management. Every formula has plenty of clinical evidence.
  • Healthy weight management: TriTrim offers weight loss in various ways. It supports appetite suppression, control of cravings, fat burning, limit carbohydrate absorption, and stress management. All these factors are vital for a healthy weight loss journey.
  • Appetite Suppression: The blend helps curb cravings, supporting better control over food intake.
  • Carb Control: The carb blocker formula blocks carb absorption, aiding in weight reduction efforts.
  • Fat Metabolism: The Fat Blocker formula supports a healthy fat metabolism, contributing to a more balanced body composition.
  • Blood Sugar Support: The Sugar Suppress Formula helps maintain stable blood sugar levels, which is crucial for reaching weight loss goals.
  • Stress Management: Thanks to ashwagandha in the Fat Blocker formula, you may celebrate better stress management.
  • Energy Boost: TriTrim helps increase energy levels for improved vitality by optimizing metabolism.
  • High-quality product offerings: TriTrim’s reputation, member pricing, and flexible packages further contribute to the overall health benefits. This makes it a comprehensive and accessible solution for those striving for a healthier lifestyle.

Potential Side Effects

While TriTrim ingredients are safe with proper usage, it’s crucial to be aware of potential side effects. Despite this fact, it is still vital that you consult with a healthcare professional before using any dietary supplement. 

Nonetheless, the possible side effects based on the supplement type and ingredients may include:

  • Potential Allergies: If you are allergic to the ingredients, exercise caution.
  • Turmeric Interactions: Turmeric root extract may negatively interact with certain medications, impacting blood clotting.[27]
  • Glucomannan Effects: Glucomannan, a soluble dietary fiber, may cause belching, bloating, or gas[28] in some users.

Please remember that prioritizing safety and consulting your healthcare provider or registered dietitian is the first line of preventing these side effects. Ensure that you always consult a doctor, especially if you have pre-existing conditions or are on medication.

How To Take TriTrim

The brand suggests that you follow this simple and effective routine to maximize the benefits of TriTrim.

  • Take one packet of TriTrim, consisting of 5 capsules, during lunch, accompanied by eight ounces of water. For optimal results, ensure you take a second packet at dinner.

They also recommend staying hydrated and consistent with this dosage to fully harness TriTrim’s various health benefits.

TriTrim Customer Reviews – What Do Real Users Say?

Here is what clients on TriTrim have to say about the brand:

“I have been using Tri-Trim for almost a month now and have noticed a difference in my overall appearance. My stomach has slimmed out, and I have been experiencing less bloating by 75 percent. I am happy to order more.”


“I have been so surprised at my results!! I wasn’t looking to lose weight but maintain because of some foot issues that have left me a bit immobile right now. To my surprise, my clothes are actually getting big on me, and I have only been using them for a couple of weeks. I can’t wait to see what happens with continued use.”

Chasity McCoy


You may want to lose weight overnight, but that is not possible. However, you may speed up weight loss with an exercise regime, a healthy diet, and sound lifestyle choices.

For regular exercise, simple workouts and everyday movements may suffice. On diet, having natural elements like fresh veggies, fruits, herbs, lean proteins, low-carb starch, and healthy fats will do. Supplementation is also a crucial part of diet. On healthy living choices, refrain from binge eating, smoking, and excessive drinking.

The ingredients are science-backed, further cementing the high-quality status of all Dr Gundry products. However, consult a health care provider or registered dietitian using the supplement. You may notice visible results in a few weeks to months.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which of Dr Gundry’s products are best for weight loss?

Dr. Gundry’s TriTrim is highly recommended for weight loss, featuring a comprehensive formula designed to support effective weight management and a healthier lifestyle.

How do you take TriTrim?

To take TriTrim, consume one packet with five capsules during lunch with eight oz of water and another pack at dinner.

Does Total Restore promote weight loss?

The company claims Total Restore can increase energy, reduce unhealthy cravings and appetite, and hasten losing weight.

What supplements does Dr Gundry recommend?

Dr. Gundry recommends various supplements, including TriTrim, Total Restore, and others, each addressing specific health aspects for overall well-being.

How many capsules does a single packet of Gundry MD Tritrim contain?

One TriTrim packet of TriTrim contains five capsules. This provides a convenient and effective dosage for daily use.

Does Gundry MD TriTrim work?

Yes, Gundry MD TriTrim is formulated to work synergistically, utilizing various natural ingredients to support healthy body weight management, burning fat, and overall health.

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