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KetoCharge Reviews 2023: Benefits, Dosage & How It Works?


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Pioneered by William Batin, Ketogenic eating led to the founding of the Keto brand in 2014. Ted Tieken is the CEO and founder of Keto Charge, located in Massachusetts, outside Boston in Cambridge. The brand’s CEO committed to a keto diet in 2014 due to chronic pain, and he lost thirty-five pounds using the Keto Charge. Additionally, the brand’s mission is to make a ketogenic diet simpler, low-sacrifice, and tasty. This product can expect total transparency since it includes a talented editorial and research team with comprehensive keto diet[1] knowledge. Nutrition, convenience, taste, and affordability are the four key principles based on Keto Charge items.

Ketosis is the body’s normal metabolic state, which enables it to use fat stores as fuel rather than carbohydrates. To help them achieve their body weight objectives, people who are seeking to reduce weight have chosen to take diet pills. One of these supplements, Keto Charge, which is available as a tablet, helps people lose weight by inducing ketosis in their bodies. A combination of glycine amino acids and ketones, Keto Charge contains components that help the body produce ketone salts, which encourage the body to enter ketosis.



  • FDA verified research
  • Contains essential ketone salts
  • A bottle of Keto Charge lasts 30 days
  • Reduces physical and mental fatigue
  • Promotes weight loss
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Boosts energy levels

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Keto Charge Reviews

Does It Work?

Generally, Keto Charge is among the most effective and safe diet pills with various health benefits. According to Keto Charge reviews and ratings, this dietary supplement works. However, this dietary supplement can often be dismissed and perceived as mere hype.

The producer of this medication claims that Keto Charge provides the customer with three significant health advantages. It increases the ketone level in the blood, guards against keto flu, and promotes the metabolic process known as ketosis. Through natural metabolism, the body can liberate stored fat with the aid of ketosis and use it as energy. The keto diet pushes the user’s body into ketosis and ensures that fat is burned continually because it is low in carbohydrates and rich in fats. Additionally, since the body creates ketones when following a ketogenic diet or fasting, this dietary supplement uses ketone salts to assist the body in going into ketosis more quickly and easily.

Taking keto charge raises blood levels of ketones because these beneficial salts will come from an external source. The drawbacks of the keto diet include the potential for nausea, mental fog, and poor breath. However, these adverse effects could disappear once the body has properly accustomed to the diet. Additionally, keto charge says it can aid users in avoiding these side effects.

Keto Charge Ingredients

The following is a description of each ingredient and how they strengthen Keto Charge:

  • Sodium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate[2] BHB: the sodium ketone salts help the body generate energy in case of a sugar shortage. It also boosts energy, improves athletic performance, strengthens muscles, and improves cognitive abilities.
  • Calcium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate[3] BHB enables the smooth transition of the body’s adaptation to the ketogenic diet. It boosts energy levels and reduces physical and mental fatigue, especially during the ketogenic diet-adaptation period. Also, it boosts heart health and muscle strengthening, and in case of a glucose shortage, it optimizes brain activity.
  • Magnesium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate[4] BHB:  as a natural chemical, it provides energy in case of carbohydrates and sugar shortage. Diabetic patients can benefit significantly from this ingredient in a keto supplement since their bodies have insufficient sugars; BHB acts as a substitute for glucose conversion into energy. Other health benefits of this ingredient are Cancer cells[5] growth prevention; Boosts cardiovascular health; Supports weight loss

What Do Real Users Say?

Lucy Smiles“I have never been a fan of the keto diet since it comes with other side effects that I do not like. After trying Keto Charge, I can proudly admit that a keto diet is not as bad as I had assumed. I have managed to lose five pounds. Contrary to what i thought, i feel more energetic to even work out.”
Richard Pope“I have used other keto supplements before but none like Keto Charge. I only take two each day while taking my meals and I do not feel the usual nausea as before. Also, weight reduction is an additional bonus since I needed to cut a few pounds.”
Diane Gilberts“I have been trying to lose weight but as a stress eater this path was becoming increasingly difficult. After someone recommended Keto Charge to me, I am enjoying my progress. At first I experienced some  mild brain fog in the first few weeks but it stopped after a while. I am two dress-sizes below.”
Rebecca Knight“Keto charge has helped my body get used to the keto diet easily. I experienced some side effects at the start, however, they were gone just as fast as they came. It also makes it simple to enjoy a ketogenic diet and I have a more restful sleep. This is unlike other keto supplements”

Alternatives To Keto Charge

Ultra Omega Burn

Ultra Omega Burn
  • Improves insulin sensitivity
  • Improves the body’s overall health
  • Supports weight loss Speeds up the metabolism rate
  • Boosts skin and heart health
  • Available only on the company’s official website
  • Results are not immediate


  • Vegan friendly
    Non-GMO, lactose-free and soy-free
  • Increases metabolism
  • Improves cognitive abilities and mood
  • High-quality and scientifically supported ingredients
  • Not suitable for users with caffeine sensitivity
  • Sold on the brand’s official website


  • Mild side effects
  • Blocks fat production
    Improves mood
  • Boost focus and energy levels
  • Acts as an appetite suppression
  • Made in FDA- and GMP-certified facility
  • Relatively expensive
  • Results differ from one user to the other

What Is The Safe Keto Charge Dosage?

In the form of capsules, Keto Charge comes in bottles of sixty tablets each. The recommended dosage is two capsules each day, according to the packaging. It ought to be consumed alongside food. Additionally, some users may need to utilize more or less than the advised amount depending on their individual needs. This is particularly important for people who take other prescription medications or have underlying medical issues. But it’s crucial to seek medical advice before using Keto Charge or any other dietary supplement. Be cautious when using Keto Charge or any other ketogenic dietary supplement because the long-term effects of ketosis are unclear.

Potential Side Effects

Keto Charge, similar to other dietary products, might result in various side effects; the most popular ketosis process side effects include constipation and dehydration. Also, if you are a beginner in the keto diet, you might experience keto flu which features headaches, vomiting, and nausea. These effects usually disappear after several days when the body fully adapts to the keto state and as the Keto Charge’s ingredients help the body restore balance. In case of any serious or consistent side effects when using Keto Charge, stop using it and consult your doctor. 

Keto Charge Before & After Results

It is clear that Keto Charge functions well after carefully examining and reviewing the customer reviews. Given that each person has a distinct biological makeup, this is to be expected. Although there are no reports suggesting that the supplement is a complete hoax, individuals report varying degrees of success. Following a set amount of time utilizing Keto Charge, the following are typical outcomes to anticipate:

  • Two weeks: after consuming a keto charge for fourteen days, the user will experience a prominent energy boost. Even if you are on a low or zero-carb keto diet, you will not feel mental and physical fatigue.
  •  A month: after continuous use of the product for a month, the body adapts and achieves a keto state. Also, it will release all the stored fat in various parts of the body.
  •  Two months: you will notice prominent weight reduction, and this can be expected to improve
  • Three months: the manufacturer recommends that the user take Keto Charge for at least ninety days. During this period, the user can notice top-tier weight reduction results.

The Bottom Line

Let’s say you’re looking for a reliable, simple-to-take ketogenic supplement that promotes ketosis. Keto Charge is a great choice. Customers of Keto Charge might benefit from an efficient booster for speedy weight loss. The supplement helps users manage urges for bad foods, so they don’t have to worry about gaining weight. The supplement’s contents aid the user in fending off these hunger pangs, making it easier to stick to the keto diet and enhance the ketosis condition. Numerous favorable evaluations for the brand attest that the product performs as promised by the manufacturer. To be sure, always seek medical advice from a qualified practitioner before beginning a new dietary supplement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a prescription?

No. You do not require a prescription to consume Keto Charge. You can order the product online as they ship everywhere in the world.

How should it be taken?

The recommended dosage is two capsules daily and with food.

How long till I see visible benefits?

This differs from one user to the other since people have different bodily compositions. However, it usually takes at least three weeks to see some changes.

Do I need a lifestyle change when using the keto charge?

No. Consumers are not obligated to alter their usual lifestyle when using this product; however, leading a healthy lifestyle is better for prominent results.

Can I buy keto when outside the USA?

The brand ships the supplements globally; however, international shipping may attract extra shipping fees.

Why should I keto charge?

This supplement improves ketosis, promotes weight loss, enhances mental clarity, and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Do I need to quit alcohol when using keto?

If you are committed to a strict keto diet, you should not use alcohol. This might influence the product’s effectiveness or result in severe side effects.

How can I contact the company?

The product’s official website provides an email and a number to contact them in case of further clarifications.

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