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CertaPet Reviews 2023: How It Works & Is It Legitimate Or Not?

certapet reviews
CertaPet provides access for patients seeking animal therapy. Photo: Team Design

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CertaPet is committed to providing smooth access for patients seeking animal therapy. An individual battling mental health issues might require to have an emotional support animal around them at all times. An emotional support animal is beneficial since it can detect even the most subtle signs of a mental health crisis from its owner. These animals are trained to provide the emotional support necessary until an adverse event arises. CertaPet can help you access an emotional support animal certification for patients with emotional or mental disabilities.

The company provides stellar services, including sessions with medical health professionals, free screenings, and a personalized treatment plan that provides all the necessary information. The company adheres to federal and state laws and every health information and privacy guidelines. CertaPet was accredited in 2018, and it offers top-notch legit services through a thorough process to help you get an ESA letter.

CertaPet will pair you with a licensed mental health professional such as a licensed therapist, who will diagnose and recommend an ESA letter. These professionals enhance the process of acquiring an emotional support animal letter by adhering to specific regulations to make sure no one abuses the system. CertaPet provides bountiful information about mental health. The information navigates around getting an ESA letter and the importance of having an emotional support animal.



  • Great customer support team
  • All letters comply with all federal, state, and local regulations
  • Fast, easy, and convenient process
  • Educational articles regarding support animals and ESA letters
  • Relatively expensive
  • You have to pay first before finishing the ESA assessment

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Is CertaPet Legit?

CertaPet observes all the mandatory federal, state, and local regulations; therefore, this company is legit. The company goes over and beyond to ensure patients get high-quality services while getting certified to move around with an emotional support animal. An ESA letter is a legal confirmation that an individual requires an emotional support animal wherever they go. An ESA letter from CertaPet helps venues understand that they need to accommodate emotional support animals. CertaPet pairs clients with highly skilled medical professionals who determine if they are experiencing an emotional disability that might require an emotional support dog or any other pet. The company offers a comprehensive process before issuing an ESA letter, including sessions with mental health care workers and complimentary screening. It also comprises great customer care that is available to handle any queries about emotional support animals.

How CertaPet Works

When you want an ESA letter from CertaPet, go to the company’s website and access the pre-screening questionnaire by clicking “Get Started Today”. The questionnaire might take several minutes to complete; this is the first test to determine if you are eligible for an ESA letter. The firm requires basic information about your pet, such as your pet’s name and when it was born. You will also find another section in the form that asks various questions about your mental health. Your answers determine your eligibility for an ESA letter. Do not worry about privacy since all information is secure and confidential.

When you are done filling out this form, you will see the company’s prices for services. This step requires you to pay first before continuing. After submitting your application, CertaPet will look for a medical provider in your state to carry out the assessment. After finding a licensed medical practitioner, CertaPet will contact you to book an appointment with them. The medical provider discusses your mental health condition and answers the form in an approximately half-hour call.

If you are approved, you can now download the ESA letter from your user profile and print it. The company also sends you a physical copy of the ESA letter and an instruction manual that will let you know how to use the letter.

Emotional Support Animal: What Are They?

Emotional support animals are prescribed to offer patients mental and emotional support. The government developed this to protect persons with disabilities or any other condition needing an emotional support animal. An emotional support animal can help carry out activities for persons with disabilities or offer emotional support, which can alleviate various emotional or mental disability symptoms. In situations where various venues, such as apartments, that forbid pets are obligated to accommodate emotional support animals.

Air Carrier Act[1] is another government law that stipulates what documentation air carriers can ask a passenger if they have to travel using an ESA letter. An assistance animal can fall under three groups: therapy animals, emotional support, or service animals. The latter are highly trained to perform various activities for their owners; they are typically needed by their owners all the time. Therapy animals are tested and trained to offer therapy to patients in medical facilities such as hospitals.

An emotional support animal is a companion animal that offers physical and emotional assistance to the owner. These do not need any special training to carry out tasks, unlike service animals. For an emotional support animal to qualify as an assistance animal, a letter from a licensed medical doctor or therapist is needed to approve. There is no weight, size, or breed for a support animal, and they can all help people with disabilities significantly.

Assistance and service pet owners are not required to pay any pet charges in any rental property because these are not mere pets. Regardless, landlords might still request a security deposit in case the support animal damages the property. Also, property owners, through legal means, can remove the support animal if they are bothersome.

Why You May Need An ESA Letter

This letter is a legal approval from a licensed healthcare provider that prescribes the necessity for support to deal with emotional or mental ailments to a person.  An emotional support animal can help you deal with emotional and mental symptoms such as loneliness, anxiety, or depression. You can use this letter when traveling or accessing various venues that might have a strict ‘no pets’ policy.

CertaPet Review: Pricing Policy

The following are various conditions under which CertaPet offers payment plans:

  1. The customer agrees to pay an initial USD35.99 fee. Of the USD35.99 fee, USD35 is a non-refundable consultation fee.
  2. Additional charges of USD 44.99 (Housing or Travel ESA Letter]) or USD 59.99 (Housing + Travel ESA Letter) will then be charged in 30-day intervals until the end of the payment plan period (3 months).
  3. The customer will not be charged any fees if they request a cancellation before making an assessment.
  4. If the customer is not approved for an ESA letter, they will not be charged any additional fees after the non-refundable USD35 consultation fee.
  5. At the end of their 12 months, the customer will automatically be eligible for another assessment.
  6. If the customer wants to cancel a payment plan, they may only do so at the end of said payment plan. Cancellation is permitted if the customer would not like to automatically receive an ESA letter renewal at the end of a payment plan.
  7. If the customer does not honor the terms of the payment plan, their letter will be voided.
  8. The payment plan is only available within the United States.

CertaPet Reviews: What Do Real Users Say?

Amazing experience! The intake process was easy and fast and the conversation with my therapist was a day later and took maybe 4 mins total, but was an informative quality call. She made sure to explain that if I have any trouble with my housing letter to let her know. Great service.

Crystal Albert

WOW did they work fast! The therapist I was assigned was so thoughtful with my needs and I got the papers within days. I highly recommend it and the prices are so accommodative. I’ll recommend it to everyone.

Tirzah Richmond

Montgomery was very kind, and caring for me, who was not good at English, giving me advice, and emailing me in detail and kindly about parts I did not understand well. I am very grateful to her.

Hani Kang

It was quick and easy enough to complete the paperwork and set up an appointment. Received the housing letter immediately on the website. Good experience and the next step is to see if my association will accept this ESA letter.

Michael Kelly

It took a while but they came through. I was worried after paying and trying to call to hear their phone number was disconnected but I sent them a message and they got back to me in good timing. My therapist called me tonight, the day after they sent me a message, and approved me for a letter, which I also received tonight.

Morisa Larson

Final Thought

CertaPet makes it easy and convenient to access ESA letters. The company’s services might be a little higher than most similar ones; however, reviews show it is worth it. CertaPet complies with all federal, state, and local regulations; therefore, the company is legit. These legal letters can be produced in rental properties or air carriers to authenticate that an individual needs animal support to treat or alleviate mental-related conditions. The company works with licensed mental health professionals to assess your mental health; therefore, you can be assured of the best quality services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an age restriction for getting ESA letters?

No. There is no age limit. However, you will be legally liable for any damages brought about by your emotional support animal.

How do air carriers know legit or fake ESA letters?

Each airline uses its policy for this. Therefore, always confirm what policy the airline uses for ESA letters.

Is CertaPet legitimate?

Yes. The company is BBB-accredited and complies with all local, state, and federal laws.

Is there a refund policy?

Yes. If your application does not go through, you will receive a refund, minus the consultation fee of $35

Is there an expiry date for the ESA letter?

These letters last up to twelve months, and then you can renew at a discount.

Can an ESA letter represent more than one ESA?

Can an ESA letter represent more than one It is unlikely for a therapist to approve. This is especially because it is not easy to justify the need for more than one ESA clinically.

Do I get a soft copy or a hard copy?

You can download a digital copy from the website under your profile account. The company also mails a hard copy within two to three days.

How do I make my pet an ESA?

In certain, the ESA letter that a mental health provider approves is the only thing you need. The company does have no legal requirement for you to use any other site for an ESA registration.

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