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Nuumi Reviews 2023: Is This E-Cigarette Safe To Use?

Nuumi Reviews

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We all know smoking is bad for us. Yet, so many people struggle to quit. Luckily, Nuumi is changing the game by addressing this health-hazardous addiction from both the physical and physiological sides.

This tool goes beyond simply replacing nicotine. The Nuumi smart app contains personalized AI coaching, tracking of your behavior, and more. So, is it worth it?

With only a few nuumi reviews to consider, this article will, nevertheless, uncover whether or not you should invest your time and money into this app and device. Let’s take a look.



  • Tracks puffing behavior
  • Personalized for you
  • 95% less toxic than cigarettes
  • Lack of community
  • Must commit to a subscription

Nuumi Reviews

For determining whether this product is worthwhile or not, let’s explore the quality, research, reputation, and price. How does nuumi stack up?


It’s difficult to assess the quality of this product due to a lack of available information. While on their website, nuumi makes it clear that vaporization is less harmful than smoke, they don’t say what ingredients it includes.

However, there appear to be zero bad reviews. In fact, most people seem to rave about this product and how it’s helped them quit smoking for good. Yet, this could be biased since these reviews are promoted on nuumi’s website as opposed to a third-party platform.

Support Research

Helps individuals quit smokingNo Evidence
90-95% less toxic than cigarettesNo Evidence
No withdrawal symptomsNo Evidence

Nuumi Helps Individuals Quit Smoking

By going through various nuumi reviews, it’s clear that this product has helped various individuals finally quit smoking. There are even scientific studies suggesting that smoking cessation apps[1] hold great promise, but more research is necessary.

Another study could not determine significant differences between using mobile apps[2] versus other ways to quit smoking. Thus, it’s not clear if this is a superior way to quit smoking when compared to other avenues.

At the same time, it is worth noting that one scientific review stated that some of the clinical trials examined had greater success when combining other interventions,[3] such as pharmacotherapy, with smart apps.

Nuumi Is 90-95% Less Toxic Than Cigarettes

Many individuals believe vaping is healthier than smoking, and nuumi uses this as an angle for marketing their product. Yet, there is no concrete evidence for this. In fact, recent research indicates that smoking and vaping have similar effects.[4]

However, there is some evidence showing that vaping may help with smoking cessation.[5] But, again, more research is needed to solidify these claims.

No Withdrawal Symptoms

Nuumi claims by using vaping to quit smoking that, individuals won’t experience any withdrawal symptoms. There is no direct evidence indicating this to be true. However, this may depend on how the product works exactly.

With little information on what the vape contains, it’s hard to make conclusions regarding this claim. At the same time, if the vape helps slowly decrease nicotine amounts, this claim may very well be true.

Nuumi Reputation

While 96% of users would recommend nuumi, this tech health company isn’t super well-known. The product also doesn’t seem to come with a guarantee of any kind. Instead, under the FAQs on their website, it’s recommended to get in touch with nuumi for processing refunds. This refund process could use some improvement in their communication department.

There’s also no third-party testing listed. Rather, the brand has mentioned its own data collection from beta users. This leads to some questions in terms of their reputation. Yet, the absence of negative reviews is promising.

Nuumi Price 

Nuumi often references itself as a “program,” which includes the vaporizer and the smart app platform. The vaporizer is purchased as a one-off for 59 pounds or about 74 U.S. dollars. The subscription is 49 pounds per month or about 60-62 U.S. dollars per month.

Considering the costs of cigarettes, this is very affordable and could save smokers eager to quit tons of money if it works for them. 

However, this also may depend on how effective this program and product works for each individual. If it doesn’t help them quit smoking or it takes a long time to quit smoking, the cost will add up over time.

Alternatives To Nuumi


  • Subscription auto-ships.
  • May help with smoking cessation.
  • Connects to smart app.
  • No clear cost.
  • Requires an account.

Vampire Vape

Vampire Vape
  • Easy for anyone to buy.
  • Affordable.
  • Multiple options.
  • Not designed for smoking cessation.
  • No smart app.

Monster Vape Labs

Monster Vape Labs
  • Many flavor options.
  • Affordable.
  • Includes award-winning vapes.
  • Not designed for smoking cessation.
  • No smart app.

Health Benefits Of Nuumi

According to the company, the main health benefit of nuumi is that it may help an individual quit smoking. With the smart app, it helps you keep track of your behaviors, which can be vital in altering them and saving you hours of personal tracking. You may find that quitting smoking has benefits[6] beyond personal health; your smoking habits affect your business persona as well.

This can be particularly beneficial when preventing diseases such as cancer. Research shows that smoking increases overall cancer risk.[7]

Additionally, quitting smoking may improve overall life expectancy. Quitting smoking[8] further reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, heart failure, type II diabetes, and hypertension.

Potential Side Effects

There is the potential that this product could hinder helping someone quit smoking and, instead, lead them to take up vaping in its place. Yet, vaping isn’t much better for overall health than smoking.

Just like smoking cigarettes, vaping[9] is associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Additionally, some governments indicate side effects of vaping[10] may include throat and mouth irritation, coughing, nausea, headaches, and more.

How To Take Nuumi

Nuumi requires a subscription. Once you sign up, they ship the vape tool to you, and once you receive it, you can start using the nuumi app. The app tracks how often you take a puff, provides personalized AI coaching, and sets the type or number of pods required monthly for your needs.

 This can lead to behavioral changes, allowing you to quit this bad habit. You may even enlist your friends to help support you in this effort.

Nuumi Customer Reviews – What Do Real Users Say?

“The track made me realize how addicted I was to tobacco. Nuumi helped me change my habits step by step. I’ve been a non-smoker for eight months now, which has completely changed my life. I finally have energy again and am more active than ever before. Cigarette addiction has really limited me, but thanks to nuumi, I am free.”

Michael, 35

“With nuumi, I finally got rid of my physical and mental addiction to cigarettes. The switch wasn’t easy at first, but after a short period of getting used to it, the nicotine reduction combined with behavioral training worked really well. The constant support from the coach really helped.”

Dorothea, 44

Final Thought

Nuumi may work well for those who have tried other ways to quit but have failed many times. It may also support other efforts to quit smoking. While the scientific evidence is minimal, for some individuals, this may work and may be worth exploring, especially for the low cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are electronic cigarettes harmful?

Yes, harmful substances are being inhaled into the lungs with e-cigarettes, which may lead to lung or heart diseases.

What are the three types of e-cigarettes?

There are various types of e-cigarettes, including vape pens, pod vapes, and box kits.

Is vaping worse than smoking?

Vaping might be less harmful than smoking, but it’s also not safe. Vapes, like cigarettes, heat harmful substances that may damage the lungs and cause disease.

How many cigarettes are equal to one e-cigarette?

One two-milliliter e-cigarette is considered the same as about 20 to 40 cigarettes.

Is vaping a good way to quit smoking?

Using a vape can be a great way to manage your nicotine intake and, thus, reduce it, leading to cessation.

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