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FootRester Review 2023: Does It Help With Posture?

Nyasha Stevens

Reviewed by Jocelyn Chen, BME
footrester review
FootRester has all the ingredients to be a best-seller product. Photo: Team Design

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Born out of a passionate endeavor by Ukrainian innovators Danylo and Nazar, VILNO is not just another company. It’s a family-run enterprise that bridges the gap between comfort and productivity. Today, with over 7,000 satisfied customers across the world, their mission is to reshape the sitting experience for everyone, be it in a buzzing office or a serene home workspace.

Embracing the challenges of prolonged sitting, VILNO introduced NOBEL: their increasingly popular kneeling chair. However, it’s their newest product that has caught the attention of many – FootRester, a wooden footrest meticulously crafted to bid adieu to the discomforts and hazards of extended sitting. In this FootRester review, we will take a look at these products to understand why they’re generating such buzz.

footrester review


  • Ergonomic
  • Adjustable height
  • High-density memory foam
  • Machine washable

VILNO FootRester Review


The VILNO team has firmly positioned itself as a beacon of trust and innovation in the wellness industry through its diligent approach to supply chain management, transparency in daily updates, and a vision for active sitting.

Foot Rester stands out as more than just a great footrest. Made with memory foam pillows, it offers a cushiony surface that is both soft to the touch and firm enough to support your feet.

Unlike other foam footrests, FootRester boasts a sturdy metal frame that ensures longevity. This means you’re investing in a product built to last. Furthermore, its ergonomic design is suited for various surfaces, allowing you to rest your feet comfortably, whether at a standing desk or a traditional work setup.

Support Research

Claimed Benefits of FootRester

Rigorous manufacturing testingNo Evidence
Produced with natural ingredientsModerate Evidence
Improves overall healthConcrete Evidence
Claimed Benefits

Perhaps what’s most innovative about FootRester compared to some rocking footrests is its ability to keep your feet flat on its surface. With just the right height settings and memory foam padding, FootRester ensures that everyone can find a comfortable spot for their feet regardless of their height. This encourages a proper posture, which protects against many disorders of the cervical and lumbar spine, improves respiratory function, and reduces work-related injuries.

FootRester’s ergonomic design promotes proper posture and improves blood circulation[1] by elevating your feet and reducing the risk of swelling and discomfort in the lower extremities. The benefits of healthy blood flow are further supported by active sitting,[2] which is clinically proven[3] to help with core stability, balance, mobility, and even worker productivity.

FootRester Reputation

FootRester is the result of a successful Kickstarter campaign by VILNO. Following their success with the Nobel kneeling chair, the same team can launch this new and revolutionary product, with delivery for preorders set for November 2023.

Because FootRester hasn’t been fully released yet, casual user reviews are hard to come by. That said, VILNO has established a reputation with its other product: Nobel. Reviews for the kneeling chair report easy assembly, quality materials, fast free shipping, and top-notch customer service. VILNO’s communities on Kickstarter and Indiegogo reflect a loyal customer base and nearly 2000 pledges to get FootRester into production.

FootRester Price

Prices start at $149 for a single unit. The brand’s pledge program offers steep discounts, where you can purchase one FootRester for $89, two for $169, and three for $229. These steep discounts of as much as 45% off make the early bird program a cost-effective choice if you can get on the list in time.

Shipping fees vary by country and are only charged at the time of shipment.

When considering its quality, longevity, and the health benefits it brings, many users would agree that FootRester is worth every penny. If you have any second thoughts at all, remember that the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee

Best Seller FootRester Products 2023


footrester review

FootRester has all the ingredients to be a best-seller product. It is a durable and adjustable footrest with a lightweight, portable design. Beyond providing a surface for your feet to rest and be massaged on, it can also relieve tension, swelling, and poor circulation. It’s a must-have if you’re seeking comfort, reduced swelling, and improved circulation during extended hours of sitting.

  • High-Density Memory Foam
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Sturdy Metal Frame
  • Not a medical device
  • May not fit perfectly under all desks
  • Self-assembly required

FootRester has a memory foam construction that redefines comfort for feet. The ergonomic footrest and foot rocker design offer support for better circulation, preventing foot pain and fatigue. Its sturdy metal frame and ball-bearing rollers set it apart from other foam footrests in terms of durability and versatility. With adjustable height and a two-tiered design, you can support your feet and legs in a wide variety of configurations and settings. Combined with its non-slip bottom, these features provide ideal, reliable support.

NOBEL™ | Kneeling Chair

footrester review

FootRester isn’t the only best-seller product from these inventors. NOBEL™ kneeling chair by VILNO, is currently on sale at a slashed price. With free shipping in the U.S., a 5-year guarantee, and a 30-day money-back policy, it’s an offer hard to resist.

  • Promotes Proper Posture
  • Made with quality materials
  • Currently on sale
  • Requires a slight learning curve
  • Price points are higher than similar products

NOBEL isn’t just a chair. It is a game-changer if you’re looking to improve your posture and reduce back pain. Its unique design encourages users to maintain a proper posture, reducing the risk of back and spine issues. The solid wood build and quality material ensure that this isn’t a product that you’ll need to replace anytime soon, and the memory foam cushioning makes this item a miracle alternative to a traditional chair, especially for people dealing with back pain.

This chair causes you to sit upright with open hips, reducing pressure on your back and preventing slumping, resulting in improved posture. The active sitting caused by this chair will promote good circulation, leading to increased blood oxygen and, consequently, better energy, concentration, and health. Standing desk users should consider this chair, too, as standing in one spot for long periods can also result in leg, back, and joint pain.

This revolutionary approach to sitting supports pain-free living. However, users should be aware of the initial adjustment period. Not everyone might find it comfortable from the get-go, but the benefits become evident with time. Start with short sessions on the kneeling chair and build up to longer workdays.

Does VILNO FootRester Really Work?

The age-old question with innovative ergonomic products is: Does it deliver on its promises?

When it comes to FootRester, the answer seems to be a resounding yes! Here’s why:

Ergonomic Foot Rest

The very design of the FootRester is grounded in principles of ergonomics. Sitting for prolonged periods[4] is common to experience discomfort, foot pain, and reduced blood circulation in the lower extremities.

High-Density Memory Foam

Thanks to its high-density foam cushioning, FootRester addresses these issues by elevating the feet and providing a comfortable resting spot. This relieves foot tension and encourages an active sitting posture, engaging muscles and promoting better leg circulation.

Supported by Science

There’s strong science behind active sitting[5] and its benefits, which FootRester promotes. Multiple studies indicate that keeping our lower body engaged while sitting can help alleviate common sitting-related discomforts.

Satisfied User Base

Moreover, the desk foot rest community is abuzz with positive feedback. Users report a noticeable difference in their overall comfort during prolonged sitting sessions. The height adjustability is especially appreciated, allowing users of varying heights to find their optimal position.

While everyone’s experience may be different, the overall consensus is that FootRester is more than just a fancy footrest—it’s an investment in comfort and health.

Alternatives To FootRester

Humanscale FM 300 Foot Machine Footrest

  • Unique rocking design encouraged motion
  • NYT’s pick for high-quality under desk footrest
  • High-quality wood and metal material
  • Expensive

ErgoFoam Adjustable Foot Rest

  • Unique foam construction
  • Affordable price
  • Versatile reversible design allows for multiple use cases
  • Hard to Clean

Eureka Ergonomic Tilt Adjustable Footrest

Eureka Ergonomic
  • Made of sturdy metal and high quality rubber
  • Affordable price
  • Textured surface to massage feet
  • Slightly narrower, may not work well for those who prefer a wider stance

Health Benefits Of FootRester

Pain Relief

FootRester helps alleviate foot pain by providing a comfortable memory foam surface to keep your feet busy on a sturdy surface. When feet rest on a soft, supportive cushion, it reduces strain and makes sitting less likely to result in pain. Positioning your feet in many different comfortable ways also helps you avoid cramping and pain. 

Eliminate Foot Tension

Tension in the feet can result from keeping them on a solid surface such as a hardwood floor for extended periods. FootRester, with its ergonomic design, offers relief by allowing feet to settle in a more natural position.

Activate Your Muscles During Sitting

Active sitting becomes second nature with footrests. Users can adjust their feet’s position, shifting weight and allowing for subtle leg movements. This keeps leg muscles engaged, promoting better muscle tone.

Force Yourself To Sit Upright

By elevating the feet slightly, FootRester encourages users to maintain an upright posture. Proper posture benefits the spine and improves blood circulation and respiratory function.

Feel More Relaxed

Resting your feet on a comfortable foam footrest can be a game-changer for relaxation. It’s not just about physical comfort. Feeling that support beneath your bare feet can also contribute to overall well-being and reduced stress.

Adjustable Height Settings

The FootRester is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Its adjustable height settings allow users to find the most comfortable position, catering to individual needs and desk heights. This ensures that users get the maximum health benefits, from improved circulation to better posture.

Machine Washable

Hygiene is essential, especially for a product that’s in regular contact with our feet. FootRester’s machine-washable feature ensures it remains clean and hygienic. Support your overall health by reducing the chances of allergen buildup or infections.

Promotes Active Sitting And Blood Circulation

Aside from the luxurious comfort of the memory foam, regular use of FootRester promotes circulation in the lower extremities. This can reduce swelling and enhance overall muscle tone.

FootRester isn’t just any footrest. Its design encourages active sitting. This concept of active sitting means your body isn’t still or stiff when seated. It can move back and forth, leading to a more engaged posture and promoting blood circulation throughout the entire body.

FootRester is the perfect legroom companion for those who use standing desks. When you need to take a short break from standing, FootRester provides a comfortable position for your feet.

Potential Side Effects

FootRester is crafted to offer ergonomic support and improve circulation, but you want to make sure you approach its benefits with a well-informed perspective:

FootRester Is Not A Toy

Like every product, it’s essential to use FootRester safely. It’s not a toy. Playing with it, standing on it, or using it incorrectly could result in injury.

Not A Medical Device

If you have health concerns, especially with your back or spine, always consult a physical therapist before using FootRester.

May Cause New Discomfort

Changing your posture involves engaging muscles in new ways. It may take time for your body to adjust to the new positions.

How To Use FootRester

The FootRester is designed with user-friendliness in mind. Though some self-assembly is required, the engineers at VILNO make it straightforward. You’ll find the following components within the box:

  • Screws (6 + 1 spare)
  • L-Key Screwdriver
  • Wooden sticks (3)
  • Board with massage rollers
  • Side panels with height adjustability (2)
  • Pillow memory foam roller
  • Foot pillow with memory foam
  • All in a giftable white box with a minimalistic design.

Assembly takes only a few minutes:

  1. Remove all components from the packaging and lay them on a flat surface.
  2. Attach the ergonomic foot cushion to the sturdy metal frame and ensure it’s correctly aligned with its edges.
  3. Secure the cushion onto the frame using the provided fasteners.
  4. Adjust the height according to your preference by using the adjustable height settings.

How To Use

Like all products, you can only reap all these fantastic benefits by using the FootRester correctly. Following the guidelines and safety warnings and pairing them with regular stretches and breaks can unlock its full potential.

  • Positioning: Place the FootRester flat on the ground, ensuring it’s directly underneath your desk or workspace.
  • Adjustment: Adjust the height to align with your sitting posture. Your feet should rest comfortably, with your knees at a 90-degree angle.
  • Rest Your Feet: Simply place your feet on the comfortable memory foam. You can keep them flat or adjust them as you feel during the day.
  • Active Sitting: Move your feet back and forth gently on the rocking footrest to engage your leg muscles and promote blood circulation.

Cleaning And Repairs

  • Cleaning: The FootRester’s cushion is machine washable. Remove it from the metal frame and wash it in cold water on a gentle cycle. Allow it to air dry fully before reattaching.
  • Repairs: If the FootRester shows signs of wear or damage, contact the manufacturer or a qualified professional for repair advice. Never attempt to repair it with non-standard parts or methods

Final Thought

Our daily lives increasingly revolve around sitting. Whether we work from home or at the office, the importance of ergonomic support is growing in the public consciousness. The FootRester, alongside the Noble Kneeling Chair, represents a leap forward in managing this predicament of the modern world.

But beyond the product specifications and health benefits, what stands out is the brand’s dedication to its community. The adaptable pricing, including the Kickstarter pledges, ensures that a wider audience can access this ergonomic marvel. Furthermore, the glowing feedback from the FootRester community attests to its genuine impact on everyday comfort and health.

In the grand tapestry of ergonomic products, FootRester has carved out its niche by promising a mix of comfort, functionality, and affordability. If there’s one takeaway from this review, it’s this: In the quest for a more comfortable sitting experience and a healthier lifestyle, FootRester is a worthy companion to consider.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the footrest worth it?

Yes. The FootRester provides ergonomic support, alleviates foot tension, and promotes better sitting posture. This can enhance overall comfort during prolonged sitting, boosting productivity and reducing chronic aches and pains.

Do footrests help with circulation?

Yes, they can. By elevating the feet and allowing subtle movements, footrests can improve blood circulation in the lower extremities. This improved blood flow reduces the risk of swelling and fatigue.

Are footrests good for gaming chairs?

Yes, footrests are a great idea if you’re gaming. Not only do they enhance the gaming experience, but they reduce the strain of spending extended periods sitting. Footrests offer added comfort, prevent foot fatigue, and ensure a more ergonomic sitting position.

Why should high chairs have a footrest?

Footrests improve posture. Use a footrest whenever you’re sitting for extended periods, especially if your feet don’t touch the ground comfortably. A good footrest will help you maintain proper posture and reduce back and neck strain.

When should you use a footrest?

Collagen is regarded as a safe daily supplement. While taking collagen may be a helpful complement to your health and fitness regime, consult your healthcare provider before making it a daily routine.

How long should you let your feet rest?

While using a footrest, take breaks every hour to stretch your legs. For overall foot health, elevate and rest your feet whenever they feel fatigued or swollen.

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