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Strategic reports focus on broad issues and findings, results and lessons learned from a research activity, case studies and surveys. They also may be based on a literature review or secondary data analysis. Publications in this category include case studies, conceptual frameworks, position papers, issues papers, policy papers, peer-reviewed articles for professional journals, synthesis documents and advocacy documents.

Strategic Report 1. Case Studies on Decentralization of Water Supply and Sanitation Services in Latin America. By Frank Fragano, Carlos Linares, Harold Lockwood, Daniel Rivera, Andrew Trevett and Guillermo Yepes. Edited by Fred Rosensweig. January 2001. Available in a single unified file (602KB) and as individual case studies.

Strategic Report 1. Estudios de Caso Sobre la Descentralización de los Servicios de Agua Potable y Saneamiento en Latinoamérica, por  Frank Fragano, Carlos Linares, Harold Lockwood, Daniel Rivera, Andrew Trevett and Guillermo Yepes. Editado por Fred Rosensweig. January 2001.  Available in a single unified file (992 KB) and as individual case studies.

Strategic Report 2. Guidelines for the Assessment of National Sanitation Policies.  ByMyles F. Elledge, Fred Rosensweig and Dennis B. Warner, with John H. Austin and Eduardo A. Perez. July 2002. (Download 1.85MB PDF file).(Also available as RTF Zipped file)

Strategic Report 2S. Directrices para la evaluación de políticas de saneamiento nacionales. Myles F. Elledge, Fred Rosensweig y Dennis B. Warner,con John H. Austin y Eduardo A. Pérez. Julio de 2002. (Download 602K Spanish PDF file)

Strategic Report 3. Improving Sanitation in Small Towns in Latin America and the Caribbean: Practical Methodology for Designing a Sustainable Sanitation Plan. By Fred Rosensweig and Eduardo Perez with Jeanine Corvetto and Scott Tobias. August 2002. (Download 1.86MB English PDF file) (Also available as RTF Zipped file)

Strategic Report 3S. Mejoramiento del saneamiento en las ciudades pequeñas de América Latina y el Caribe: Metodología práctica para diseñar un plan de saneamiento sostenible Tobias. Por Fred Rosensweig y Eduardo Pérez con Jeanine Covetto y Scott Tobias. Agosto de 2002. (Download 2.46MB Spanish PDF file) (Also available as RTF Zipped file)

Strategic Report 4. Creating an Enabling Environment for Community-Based Rural Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion Systems. Case Study: Reforming the Rural Departmentof the National Water Agency (INAPA) in the Dominican Republic. By Eric Johnson and Eduardo A. Perez. (download 599K PDF file

Strategic Report 5. The GESCOME Difference: Lessons Learned From Gestion Communautaire de Santé Environnementale (GESCOME); The Environmental Health Project II CESH Benin Activity (download 1.53MB PDF file

Strategic Report 6. Institutional Support Mechanisms for Community-managed Rural Water Supply & Sanitation Systems in Latin America (download 458K PDF file

Strategic Report 6S. Mecanismos de apoyo institucional para los sistemas rurales de agua potable y saneamiento manejados por las comunidades en América Latina (download 436K Spanish PDF file)

Strategic Report 7. Best Practices for Dengue Prevention and Control in the Americas. (download 1.66MB PDF file)

Strategic Report 7S. Mejores prácticas para la prevención y el control del dengue en las Américas.(download 677K PDF file)

Strategic Report 8. Assessing Hygiene Improvement: Guidelines for Household and Community Levels (download 743K PDF file)

Strategic Report 9. Participatory Monitoring & Evaluation for Hygiene Improvement Beyond the toolbox: What else is required for effective PM&E? A Literature Review (download 356K PDF file)

Strategic Report 11.Children’s Feces Disposal Practices in Developing Countries and Interventions to Prevent Diarrheal Diseases. A Literature Review (download 508K PDF file)

Strategic Report 12. Improving the Health of the Urban Poor Learning from USAID Experience (download 288K PDF file)

Strategic Report 10. Advancing Hygiene Improvement for Diarrhea Prevention: Lessons Learned (download 172K PDF file)

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