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Air Pollution and Acute Respiratory Infection

Capsule Report 3. Lowering Exposure of Children to Indoor Air Pollution to Prevent ARI: The Need for Information and Action. Bruce, Nigel. January 1999. (570KB PDF)

Activity Report 38. Air Pollution and Child Health: Priorities for Action. Report of a Meeting of an EHP Technical Advisory Group on Air Pollution, July 17-18, 1996, Arlington, Virginia.  

Activity Report 22. An Assessment and Source Apportionment of Airborne Particulate Matter in Cairo, Egypt.

Behavior Change

Lessons Learned 6.  Behavior Change: Lessons Learned.

Applied Study 10. Behavior First: A Minimum Package of Environmental Health Behaviors to Improve Child Health.  

Community Involvement

Lessons Learned 3.  Community Involvement: Lessons Learned.
Special Brochure 1. Building Community Partnerships for Change: The CIMEP Approach.

Special Brochure 1. Desarrollo de alianzas comunitarias para el cambio: El enfoque CIMEP.

Special Brochure 1. Forger de partenariats communautaires pour le changement: L’approche CIMEP.

Applied Study 6. Beyond Participation: Locally Based Demand for Environmental Health in Peri-Urban Areas.  

Activity Report 78. The CIMEP Activity in Benin: An Example of the Decentralization Processes to Come.  

Activity Report 78. L’Activité CIMEP au Bénin: Un exemple des processus de décentralisation à venir.  

Activity Report 55. Design and Implementation of a Rapid Assessment for the Malaria Control Initiative, Community Partners for Health, Lagos, Nigeria.

Activity Report 50. Community-Based Approaches for Environmental Health in Secondary Cities in West Africa and the Scale-Up Process; Proceedings of a workshop held in Cotonou, Benin, May 18-20, 1998.  

Activity Report 50. Approches à base communautaire à la santé environnementale de villes secondaires en Afrique de l’Ouest et processus d’expansion: Comptes rendus d’un atelier organisé à Cotonou, Bénin, 18-20 mai 1998.  

Activity Report 24. Addressing Environmental Health Issues in the Peri-Urban Context: Lessons Learned from CIMEP Tunisia.  

Activity Report 24. Placer les Questions de Santé environnementale dans le Contexte periurbain: leçons tirées du Projet GESCOME tunisien.  
Activity Report 8. Community Risk Assessment in Tunisia: Socioeconomic, Hygienic, and Environmental Analysis of Three Outlying Quarters: R’tibat (Kasserine), Oued Blibane, and Ksibet-Chott (Sousse).

Activity Report 8. Diagnostic Socio-Environnemental: Analyse Socio-Economique, Hygienique et Environnementale de trois quartiers peripheriques R’tibat (Kasserine), Oued Blibane et Ksibet-Chott (Sousse). 

Diarrhea Prevention

Lessons Learned 1.  Diarrhea Prevention: Lessons Learned.

Special Brochure 2. Preventing Child Diarrheal Disease: Options for Action.

Applied Study 4. Child Survival and Environmental Health Interventions: A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis.  

Activity Report 79. Environmental and Behavioral Risk Factors for Diarrheal Diseases in Childhood; A Survey in Two Towns in Morocco.  

Activity Report 79. Facteurs de risque environnementaux et comportementaux pour les maladies diarrhéiques infantiles: Une enquête dans deux villes au Maroc.  

Activity Report 61Diarrheal Disease Prevention through Community-Based Participation Interventions; Santa Cruz, Bolivia; 1997-1998.

Activity Report 61. Prevención de Enfermedades Diarréicas a Través de la Intervención Comunitaria Participativa; Santa Cruz, Bolivia, 1997-1998.  

Activity Report 25. Monitoring the Effect of Behavior Change Activities on Cholera: A Review in Chimborazo and Cotopaxi, Ecuador.  

Activity Report 19. Cholera Prevention in Ecuador: Community-Based Approaches for Behavior Change.

Activity Report 4. Evaluation of Water Interventions in Bolivia.

Activity Report 4. Evaluacion de Intervenciones de Agua en Bolivia

Activity Report 3. A Review of National Cholera Plans in Guatemala, Honduras, and Ecuador.

Environmental Sanitation

Lessons Learned 5.  Environmental Sanitation Policies: Lessons Learned
Applied Study 5. Better Sanitation Programming: A UNICEF Handbook.  

Applied Study 5.  Vers une meilleure programmation : Manuel de l’Assainissement.   

Applied Study 5. Hacia una mejor programación: Manual sobre Saneamiento.

Activity Report 5. A Review of Sanitation Program Evaluations in Developing Countries.  
Activity Report 68. Solid Waste Audit of Hotels in Dominica, St. Lucia, and the Dominican Republic (Punta Cana Region).  

Institutional Strengthening

Lessons Learned 8.  Institutional Strengthening: Lessons LearnedApplied Study 8. Institutional Lessons Learned in Environmental Health Programs.  

Activity Report 77. Maroc: Projet Intégré de Ouled Teima pour les eaux usées et leur réutilisation.  
Activity Report 76. Decentralization of Water Supply and Sanitation Systems in Central America and the Dominican Republic.  

Activity Report 70. Dominican Republic: Evaluation of Rural Water and Sanitation Infrastructure Construction.  

Activity Report 70. República Dominicana: Evaluación de la Construcción de la Infraestructura Rural de Agua y Saneamiento.  
Activity Report 65. Regional Analysis of Decentralization of Water Supply and Sanitation Services in Central America and the Dominican Republic.  

Activity Report 65. Análisis Regional de la Descentralización de los Servicios de Agua y Saneamiento en América Central y la República Dominicana.

Activity Report 64. Decentralization of Water Supply and Sanitation Services in El Salvador.  

Activity Report 64. Descentralización de los Servicios de Suministro de Agua Potable y Saneamiento en El Salvador.  
Activity Report 63. Action Planning to Strengthen Infectious Disease Surveillance Systems in Tanzania.  

Activity Report 62. Assessment of Infectious Disease Surveillance Systems in Tanzania. Brown, Wayne, Nsubuga, Peter, and Eseko, Nicholas. May 1999.

Activity Report 59. Summary of EHP Activities in Kitwe, Zambia, 1997-1999: Kitwe Urban Health Programs.  
Activity Report 42. Programa de Comunicacion para la Transferencia Democratica de Sistemas de Aguas a las Comunidades Rurales de la Republica Dominicana.  

Activity Report 40. Proceso de Transformación de los Acueductos Rurales del INAPA en Empresas Comunitarias de Agua Potable (ECAP); Marco del Diseño de la Estrategia.  
Activity Report 30. Issues and Options for Transfer of Water Distribution Responsibility to Local Government Structures in the Bushbuckridge, Hazyview, and Nsikazi North Areas of South Africa.
Activity Report 27. Development of Indicators for the Water and Wastewater Sector in Egypt.

Activity Report 23. Evaluation of the Institutional Development Component of the Cairo Water II Project: The General Organization for Greater Cairo Water Supply. Zobrist, Fred and Edwards, Daniel B. June 1996. (Electronic version not currently available.)

Activity Report 14. Evaluation of the Institutional Support Contract for Cairo General Organization for Sanitary Drainage. (Electronic version not currently available.)

Activity Report 12. Summary Report: Institutional Development for Water and Wastewater Utilities in the Governorates of Fayoum, Beni Suef, and Menya; Provincial Cities Development Project, Egypt. (Electronic version not currently available.)

Activity Report 11. Action Plan: Institutional Development for Water and Wastewater Utilities in the Governorates of Fayoum, Beni Suef, and Menya; Provincial Cities Development Project, Egypt
(Electronic version not currently available.)

Activity Report 10. Findings and Institutional Options for Future Management of Water Supply and Wastewater in the Governorates of Fayoum, Beni Suef, and Menya.  (Electronic version not currently available.)

Lead, Heavy Metals, Pesticides, and Industrial Pollution

Activity Report 72. Estudio de Plomo en Sangre en Población seleccionada de Lima y el Callao (Junio 1998-Marzo 1999) con Resumen Ejecutivo en Español y Ingles (with Executive Summary in Spanish and English). Hernández-Avila, Mauricio. September 1999.

Activity Report 53. Formation of Community Working Groups to Reduce Lead Exposure in Transylvania, Romania; 1997-1998.  

Activity Report 47. Options for Monitoring Biological and Environmental Lead during the Phase-Out of Lead in Gasoline in Latin America and the Caribbean.  

Activity Report 45. Summary of Activities in Zlatna, Romania, 1994-1997; A Cross-Sectoral Approach to Environmental and Occupational Health Improvements.

Activity Report 37. Lead Exposure Abatement Plan for Egypt.  

Activity Report 33. Reducing the Environmental and Health Impacts of Mercury and Cyanide in Gold-Mining in Nicaragua.  

Activity Report 32. Lead Exposure Abatement Plan for Egypt: Results of Environmental Sampling for Lead.  

Activity Report 31. Institutional Assessment for Lead Exposure Abatement and Reduction in Cairo.  

Activity Report 29. Summary of Phase II: Restructuring and Environmental Improvement Assistance to RAS Kiviter, Kohtla-Järve, Estonia, 1994-1995.  (Electronic version not currently available.)

Activity Report 20. Summary of Phase I: Restructuring and Environmental Improvement. Assistance to RAS Kiviter, Kohtla-Järve, Estonia, 1994-1995.  (Electronic version not currently available.)

Activity Report 18. Improvement of the Dephenolization Plant at the RAS Kiviter Oil Shale Chemical Plant, Kohtla-Jarve, Estonia. (Electronic version not currently available.)

Activity Report 17. An Evaluation of Technical Options for Improvement of the Wastewater Treatment System at the RAS Kiviter Oil Shale Chemical Plant, Kohtla-Jarve, Estonia. (Electronic version not currently available.)

Activity Report 13. Summary of Activities in Zlatna, Romania, 1994-1995 (Lead Exposure in Young Children; Air Quality Monitoring and Control; Occupational Health and Safety). (Electronic version not currently available.)

Malaria Prevention

Activity Report 71. Malaria in Urban and Peri-Urban Areas in Sub-Saharan Africa.  

Activity Report 66. Evaluation of a Training Program for Environmental Health Technicians in Honduras.  
Activity Report 66. Evaluación de un Programa de Capacitación para Técnicos de Salud Ambiental en Honduras.  
Activity Report 58. Entomological Assessment in Blantyre District, Malawi, in Support of an Insecticide-Treated Materials Project, January 18-February 5, 1999.  
Activity Report 57. A Strategy for Behavior Change for Malaria Prevention and Control: Eastern Province (Zambia) Integrated Malaria Initiative.  
Activity Report 51. Community and Household Assessment of Malaria Prevention in Eastern Province, Zambia: Summary of Findings on Knowledge, Attitudes, Behaviors, and Practices.  
Activity Report 48. Proceedings Report: International Conference on Bednets and Other Insecticide-Treated Materials for the Prevention of Malaria, October 29-31, 1997, Washington, D.C.  
Activity Report 15. Chloroquine Efficacy Study in Zambia, 1995-1996.


Applied Study 1. Talking Drums: A Communication Handbook for Field Managers of River Blindness Prevention Programs. (Electronic version not currently available.)

Applied Study 2. Financial Services and Environmental Health: Household Credit for Water and Sanitation.  

Applied Study 3. Prevention: Environmental Health Interventions to Sustain Child Survival.  

Applied Study 3. Prevención: Intervenciones de Salud Ambiental para sostenimiento de Supervivencia Infantil.  

Activity Report 1. Survey of U.S. Private Voluntary Organizations Working in Environmental Health.

AR 16PVO Workshop on Environmental Health, June 29, 1995. (Electronic version not currently available.)

Activity Report 46. Indicators for Programs to Prevent Diarrheal Disease, Malaria, and Acute Respiratory Infections; Report of a Meeting of an EHP Technical Advisory Group (TAG), July 30-31, 1997.

Activity Report 41Design of a Monitoring and Evaluation Plan for Egypt’s Environment Sector and USAID’s Egyptian Environmental Policy Program. Cook, 
Activity Report 101.  An Assessment of Environmental and Occupational Health Activities Conducted for the USAID Mission to Ukraine.

Risk Assessment

Lessons Learned 4.  Comparative Risk Assessment: Lessons Learned, 1999.
Activity Report 74. Data Collection Workbook to Support Environmental Health Assessments.  (Electronic version not currently available.)

Training and Curriculum Development

Activity Report 54. Development of an Environmental Health Curriculum, Matej Bel Unviersity, Banska Bystrica, Slovakia. Rest, Kathleen M., Rusnák, Martin, Hollister, Robert M., and Pokorski, Janusz. January 1999.

Activity Report 36. Summary of EHP Activities under the “Promotion of Private Health Markets Project”: Slovakia, Poland, and RomaniaAult, Steven K., Pepper, Lewis, Pollard, Richard, and Rest, Kathleen M. August 1997.

Activity Report 7. Technical Assistance in Curriculum Development for the University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Cluj, Romania.  (Electronic version not currently available.)

Urban Poor

Capsule Report 1. Health & the Environment in Urban Poor Areas: Avoiding a Crisis through Prevention (also available in Spanish on request from EHP ). (373KB PDF)

Lessons Learned 7.  Services for the Urban Poor: Lessons Learned

Applied Study 7. Providing Urban Environmental Services for the Poor: Lessons Learned from Three Pilot Projects.  

Activity Report 73. Innovative Methods for Environmental Management of Solid Waste in Informal Urban Settlements of Lima, Peru: Summary and Lessons Learned from the Alternativa Demonstration Project.  

Activity Report 39. Identification of Financial Resources and Credit Mechanisms for the Urban Sanitation Program in Jamaica. Ocasio, 

Activity Report 35. Evaluation of the Jamaica Urban Environmental Program for On-Site Sanitation. Daane, Janelle, Lamb, Mary, and Activity Report 34. Designing a Sanitation Program for the Urban Poor: Case Study from Montego Bay, Jamaica.  
Activity Report 21. A Plan for CDS to Establish a Water and Sanitation District in Cité Soleil, HaitiMay 1996; 
revised in September 1997, addendum.

Activity Report 6. Review of an NGO Based Peri-Urban Environmental Health Project in Peru. .

Vector-Borne/Infectious Diseases Strategy

Capsule Report 2. Dengue Fever: An Environmental Plague for the New Millennium? Lennox, Robert W. and Arata, Andrew A. January 1999. (393KB PDF)

Activity Report 69. Development and Implementation of a Pest Control Strategy for the Hashimiyya Area in Jordan.  

Activity Report 66. Evaluation of a Training Program for Environmental Health Technicians in Honduras.  

Activity Report 56.  An Assessment of Health Education Materials  for Control of Dengue and Malaria in Honduras.  

Activity Report 52. Social Mobilization as an Approach to Prevention and Control of Dengue in Guatemala

Activity Report 52. Enfoque en la Mobilización Social en la Prevención y el Control del Dengue en Guatemala. Torres, Olga R. December 1998.

Activity Report 49. Proceedings Report: Technical Consultation on USAID’s Infectious Diseases Strategy, December 16-17, 1997, Washington, D.C. Bendahmane, Diane B. February 1998.

Activity Report 9. Towards a Functional Vector-borne Disease Research and Training Center in the Endemic Terai, Nepal; Technical Assistance 1994-1995.

Activity Report 2. Evaluation of the Suchitepequez Ivermectin Distribution Program in Guatemala. (Electronic version not currently available.)

Water, Sanitation, and Solid Waste—General

Activity Report 67. A Review of Water Conservation Practices and Potential for Tourist Facilities in Barbados and St. Lucia.  

Activity Report 44. Assessment of Jordan Valley Rural Sanitation Feasibility Study. (Electronic version not currently available.)

Activity Report 43. Rehabilitation of Priority Springs and Wells in Jordan: Part 1. Assessment Report on Wadi Sir, Qairawan, Qantara, and Deek/Teis Springs and Kafrein Wells.  

Activity Report 28. Environmental Assessment for the Gaza Industrial Estate Project. (Electronic version not currently available.)

Activity Report 26. Coping with Intermittent Water Supply: Problems and Prospects. Dehra Dun, Uttar Pradesh, India.

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