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EH in the News

Airport Malaria Warning, WHO Aug 2000

Study Suggests Global Warming Won’t Spread Malaria – Reuters – Sep 07 2000

Nation Faces an Environmental Health Gap. (Reuters) – Sep 07 

Competition Grows in China Over Dwindling Water Resources – Washington Post – Sep 07 2000

Online Reports

EHP: Cholera prevention in Ecuador: community based approaches for behavior change, 1996. (just became available electronically)

IRC: Integrated water resources management in water/sanitation projects

World Bank: The burden of disease among the global poor: current situation and future trends.

World Bank WSP: Small scale independent providers workshop Nairobi: key presentations

Selected Articles

Bulletin of the World Health Organization  78(8) August 2000 (Click on PDF for full-text of article)

A critical examination of summary measures of population healthby Christopher J.L. Murray, Joshua A. Salomon, & Colin Mathers: [PDF]

Why aircraft disinsection?by Norman G. Gratz, Robert Steffen, & William Cocksedge: [PDF]

Through Mintzberg’s glasses: a fresh look at the organization of ministries of healthby Jean-Pierre Unger, Jean Macq, François Bredo, & Marleen Boelaert: [PDF]

Overlooked opportunities for investing in health research and development by David W. Fraser: [PDF]

American Journal of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene Vol 62 No 3

Send an email to the EHP library for a printed copy of the complete article)

Vector densities that potentiate dengue outbreaks in a Brazilian city [Abstract]

Selected Articles (cont.)

Risk factors for Giardia Intestinalis in agricultural villages practicing wastewater irrigation in Mexico [Abstract]

Potential for New York mosquitoes to transmit West Nile Virus [Abstract]

Environmental Health Perspectives Online First
(Type in campbell as user name and cdm as password to view/download complete article)

 The Contributions of Emissions and Spatial Microenvironments to Exposure to Indoor Air Pollution from Biomass Combustion in Kenya. Environ Health Perspect 108:833-839 (2000). [Online 27 July 2000]  Majid Ezzati, Homayoun Saleh, and Daniel M. Kammen.

Long-Term Arsenic Exposure and Incidence of Non-Insulin-Dependent Diabetes Mellitus: A Cohort Study in Arseniasis-Hyperendemic Villages in Taiwan. Environ Health Perspect 108:847-851 (2000). [Online 31 July 2000]
Chin-Hsiao Tseng, Tong-Yuan Tai, Choon-Khim Chong, Ching-Ping Tseng, Mei-Shu Lai, Boniface J. Lin, Hung-Yi Chiou, Yu-Mei Hsueh, Kuang-Hung Hsu, and Chien-Jen Chen.

Environmental Health Perspectives Online First
108, Number 8 August 2000

(Type in campbell as user name and cdm as password to view/download complete article)Use of Iodine for Water Disinfection: Iodine Toxicity and Maximum Recommended Dose
Howard Backer and Joe Hollowell

Both the Environment and Genes Are Important for Concentrations of Cadmium and Lead in Blood
Lars Björkman, Marie Vahter, and Nancy L. Pedersen

Longitudinal Investigation of Exposure to Arsenic, Cadmium, and Lead in Drinking Water
P. Barry Ryan, Natalie Huet, and David L. MacIntosh

Association between Chlorination of Drinking Water and Adverse Pregnancy Outcome in Taiwan
Chun-Yuh Yang, Bi-Hua Cheng, Shang-Shyue Tsai, Trong-Neng Wu, Meng-Chiao Lin, and Kuo-Cherng Lin

+ Sources

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