Environmental Health Update – March 16, 2001


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USAID – Burden of disease in the West Bank and Gaza:Assessment Report, 2000

USAID – Global health: framework for infectious disease surveillance, 2000

WHO – Methodological assessment of the environmental burden of disease, 2000.

WHO – World Water Day Disease Fact Sheets

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Journal Issues

Bulletin of the World Health Organization-March 2001The Lancet – March 17, 2001

Selected Disease Outbreaks, March 1 – 15

March 15Legionellosis, automobile plant – USA (Ohio)
Foot & mouth disease, global response (06)
Plague, bubonic – Zambia
Lassa fever, suspected – Nigeria (Edo): RFI
Monkeypox, suspected – Congo DR (Equateur): RFI
Foot & mouth disease – Argentina: OIE report (02)March 11Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome – Panama (Los Santos)
March 10 Foot & mouth disease, economic aspects – UK
 Foot & mouth disease, global response (05) 
March 8Murray Valley encephalitis – Australia (NT): Confirmed
Undiagnosed encephalitis – Malaysia (03)March 7 Influenza vaccine: time for global unity? (06)
Yellow fever – Brazil (Minas Gerais) (05)
March 5
 Encephalitis virus warning – Australia (NT) (02)
March 1
  Unexplained deaths – India (North Bengal) (07)
  Foot & mouth disease, global response  


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+ Sources

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