Environmental health update – February 7, 2001


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Acta Tropica – 15 January 2001

Plasmodium falciparum gametocyte periodicity 
 [Full text] (PDF 38.3 Kb)

Vector potential of houseflies (Musca domestica) in the transmission of Vibrio cholerae in India 
 [Full text] (PDF 52.8 Kb)

Acta Tropica – 25 March 2000

Prospects for pneumococcal vaccination in African children
 [Full text] (PDF 108.7 Kb)

Aetiology of visceral leishmaniasis in Mexico
 [Full text] (PDF 159.9 Kb)

A study of the urban malaria transmission problem in Khartoum
 [Full text] (PDF 103 Kb)

Malaria control in central Malaita, Solomon Islands
 [Full text] (PDF 95.1 Kb)

Malaria control in central Malaita, Solomon Islands 2. Local perceptions of the disease and practices for its treatment and prevention
 [Full text] (PDF 212 Kb)

Efficacy of aqueous suspension and granular formulations of Bacillus thuringiensis (Vectobac) against mosquito vectors
 [Full text] (PDF 99.8 Kb)

Acta Tropica – 21 July 2000

An assessment of the safety of street foods in the Ga district, of Ghana; implications for the spread of zoonoses
 [Full text] (PDF 63.1 Kb)

Human behavioural factors implicated in outbreaks of human anthrax in the Tamale municipality of northern Ghana
 [Full text] (PDF 63.9 Kb)

Acta Tropica – 18 Sept 2000

Malaria in Sao Tome and Proncipe: prevalences and vector densities
 [Full text] (PDF 130.9 Kb)

Effect of lymphatic filariasis on school children
 [Full text] (PDF 52.1 Kb)

Acta Tropica – 2 October 2000

Autoimmunity and malaria: what are they doing together?
 [Full text] (PDF 203.4 Kb)

The health of enrolled and non enrolled children of school age in Tanga, Tanzania
 [Full text] (PDF 171.1 Kb)

Water management for controlling the breeding of Anopheles mosquitoes in rice irrigation schemes in Kenya
 [Full text] (PDF 197.1 Kb)

Knowledge and beliefs about causes, transmission, treatment and control of human onchocerciasis in rural communities in south western Nigeria[Abstract] [Full text] (PDF 63.5 Kb)

In vivo sensitivity of Plasmodium falciparum to chloroquine and sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine among schoolchildren in rural Uganda: a comparison between 1995 and 1998[Abstract] [Full text] (PDF 71 Kb)

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